Vajrakilaya Mendrup Drupchen update

Place:   Dechen Mingyurling, Sankhu Vajrayogini, Nepal
Dates:  > October 24th through the 27th: Preparatory Teachings on Drupchen practice, meaning and conduct by Lama Rangbar along with Drupchen mandala preparation and karma yoga.
> October 28th through November 5th of 2017.  Main Drupchen dates.
> November 6th to the 15th: Mendrup drying with evening teachings and local Vajrayogini area pilgrimage  with Lama Rangbar
Guru Padmasambhava foretold that in future time, great turbulence will arise due to human kind's moral and ethical decline giving rise to confused actions and results.  Major natural calamities, (flooding, earthquakes, fire outbreaks, etc.), new diseases and prolonged warfare are just a few of the arisings he predicted.  
Thankfully, Padmasambhava also foretold that the practice of Vajrakilaya would be superior to all other practices for quelling these arisings for humanity and all beings.  Vajrakilaya is the manifestation of the Buddha activities of all the Buddhas of the three times and ten directions, namely, pacifying, enriching, magnetizing and liberating.

Lama Rangbar arrived in Nepal late August to join Lama Pema Thobchen, (mendrup drupchen coordinator for Bodhivastu Foundation), Tulku Thadral, (Drupchen Loppon) and Lama Yedrol, Drupchen substance master), in the preparation activities for the mendrup drupchen.   Great strides have been made on many levels.



Accomplishments during the past 2 months:

Mendrup and Longevity Pills; ingredients, benefits and process:

Mendrup preparation: The production of Mendrup (sacred accomplishment medicine) and Tseril (longevity pills) require involved processes drawing from thousands of herbal ingredients as well as relic collections, earth samples from holy places as well as precious gems etc. Mendrup and Tseril are blessing substances that come from a category of bestowal of blessings called "liberation upon tasting".  This means that both Mendrup and Tseril have the power to diminish obscurations of the Nervers (Tsa), Winds, (Prana) and Seed essences, (Bindu), thereby assisting practitioners to gain meditative insight and decrease illnesses, uneasiness, etc. The substances are also used by practitioners in a myriad of offering ceremonies such as Riwo Sang CHod (fire puja), as a blessing for bodies of water and waterways and to wear as a protection amulet.  The substances are also used to transfer blessings to people who cannot attend the main ceremonies or practice regularly.  The substances gain their effectiveness from the lineage blessings imbibed into the substances during the ceremony and from the ingredients mentioned in the Vajrakilaya mendrup text itself. Lama Rangbar has been offered sacred "father" (papta) substances from the Nyingmapa lineage of Dujom Tersar by His Holiness Dungse Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche, Kyabje Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Sangyum Kamala Rinpoche, and many other important lineage sources.  These rare and precious substances are now being compounded in a single father mixture which will empower the entire batch.