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Big Indian Facilities Development Projects and estimated costs


1.     Meditation Hall Renovation

2.     Lakeside clearing

3.     Lake dredging

4.     Lakeside trail 

5.     Teahouse gazebo, Naga Palace

6.     Water System, a. catchment, b. artwork c. swamp work

7.     Nad Jom Prayer wheel installation

8.     Septic renovation, a. meditation hall, b. Lodge

9.     Cabin installs, central bathroom facilities  a. planning and town permission b. site prep for each one, c. order raw lumber for seasoning, d. engage Amish

10. Guru Ku import , filling and consecration

11. New community building planning

12. Memorials

13. Vajrakilaya Mandala installation in existing stupa

14. Lodge teardown

15. Electrical system temp

16. Ceramics Barn.  a. pour slab, b. import Kiln, c. electrical system.

17. Stupa of Great Awakening