"Suffer entitlement, enjoy indebtedness" or "Daddy, I want another Pony."

If you are frustrated, consider this:
"The notion that you are owed something is ill-fated and leads to suffering and discontent.
The understanding that you owe everything is embracing and leads to happiness in service and general blissful display"
-Lama Rangbar-

My friend recently said to me:  There seem to be two basic personality types or ideas in people's minds:  "You and I are the same so get out of my way" and "You and I are the same so how can we work together"  On our shrinking planet, one of these two views works out better for us humans as a species and one of them eventually spells disaster.
There is no doubt about it...the times we live in have drastically different qualities and characteristics than even 100 years ago.  Socially, our planet seems to be on the verge of implosion as each and every action we do returns to us with almost no gap in time.

As Buddhists we talk about several kinds of Karma or action.  Some karma accumulates and ripens slowly and other karmas ripen more or less immediately. We call this second category, karma with immediate retribution.  We are in a time when the speed at which karma ripens seems much faster in general.  The moment we say or do something, the vibration comes back to us and we suffer it.
In fact, the moment we even think something we start to become subject to the repercussion of having that thought.  This phenomenon can be used to make a faster spiritual progress than before because we are notified immediately when we are insincere or when our thoughts and actions are not in alignment with nature, compassion and a function beyond suffering. 

In fact, we are not owed anything really.  Whatever we have was not really made by us.  Even our bodies are on loan given to us by the grace of others and a host of millions of causes coming together for a short amount of time.  It's like a loaner vehicle we found ourselves in temporarily.  We will have to return it and it comes with some debts built into it.  If you believe in accounting, why not believe that you have to pay for a rental car?  Why not believe that you have to pay for this human body vehicle?  But pay in what currency you may ask?  The currency is kindess to others.  Let nature do its thing.

By Man, Son of Peace (Lama Rangbar)