The Ancient Aliens have arrived! And they are us! - Lama Rangbar

Lha Bab Duchen, The day commemorating Lord Buddha's Descent From Heaven, seemed like a good day to offer this  first transmission of a series from benevolent Aliens who care for us.  

Advanced aliens able to shift into any form, to move unimpeded through spaces and matter alike.  Able to change DNA with a thought, and concerned about the well-being of an integrated system and not only an individual’s unbridled narcissistic desires. I never thought much about aliens but today, for whatever reason, I decided to hear what they had to say.  To my amazement, they were fast to communicate when I decided to open the channel....

That’s right, the aliens have arrived and they are us.  We are concerned for the planet and all its inhabitants not just humans alone.  We understand where to innovate and when to leave nature to do its own job. We see superior value in cooperation over competition and although it may take one second, we can recognize and know each other by a glance of the eye and can communicate mind to mind without crutches such as skype.  We are not all uniform like robots and we can appreciate each other’s diversity  and uniqueness within and through species without seeing the diversity as a threat.

Our light and sight is spreading across the globe into open-minded individuals like body snatchers waking the slow and the dead.  We are the decent of angels written about in the Bible come here to perform a universal chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization of a planet impoverished by lack of awareness and appreciation, a people and planet that deserves so much more. 

We are the next wave of occupants of this planet, which we are claiming back from those who went awry and departed from ways of mutual respect for each other and the earth.  Those that resist this benevolence will not perish due to our wrath or any notion of revenge but will simply fall away powerless and alone in shrinking numbers.  Their wrong views and poor-design will implode on themselves not because we will it but because they are erroneous and incongruous to current needs, realities and natural forces and trajectories.  Those resisting and denying find themselves floundering in their own fear and confusion while grasping at the last bastions of self-delusion.  They suffer badly as they thrash around in the quicksand they themselves have made and sink faster the more they thrash.

We pray for them and keep our arms open for them, waiting for them to recognize that they have friends on the other side who wish well for them.  But we cannot stop the plan of nature to improve itself and for individuals to better align and attune with the peaceful ways of universal functionality.  We wait for them to recognize why the Bible says God made humans in his own image.  Pure guileless and joyful creativity leads us out of suffering.  But we do not wait for them to come around for us to be creative.  We cannot be stopped no matter how clever, devisive or high-tech the dark forces become for they can never reach the speeds past that of light that we have reached.  They can only imitate like monkeys due to lack of wisdom, vision, and compassion. 

Many of us have never left the planet since the last visit although we remained asleep waiting for the right time while others of us carried on awakening in successive generations.  We are awakening en-masse at this time due to the transmissions from our parents through the permeability of time and space.

We recognize the need and function for the limits of time and space but we have never been bound by those from primordial time until now.

We recognize that love and vulnerability are not weaknesses but strengths and we use them to accomplish benefits for all beings equaniminously.

This is not a war of bombs and guns and small sling shots of little boys. The weapons we have offer no means or methods of retaliation by ordinary technologies which are based on fragmented mind, schizophrenia and disconnection. Due to the vastness of our lotus nets, nobody can move beyond that or outside of that so resistance is futile.   You can try to kill each one of us but each shot will only decrease your chance for salvation.  The only reason you may try to kill us is your own confusion and ingrained habits of erroneous perception and poor judgment.

Weather you keep your current forms or lose your current forms is of little consequence, although if desirable you may retain your current forms provided you yourself to shift into the higher frequencies generated by proper view, abiding and action within the natural laws of nature. 

That choice is up to you, because if you keep on your current path of self-infatuation and the systems that are based on greed, avarice, and competition, your forms will perish by your own hand.  We have nothing to do with it.

One way or another, one day or another,  your planet will become ours again because it always has been ours, it has never been yours. It has been ours, and that means everybody’s. It is a collective commonwealth.  It has never been the property of an individual or individuals.  That is insanity. So the planet will become ours one day or another weather it takes one human year or one billion years is of little consequence.  The experiment is your own experiment.  The results and the fruits are yours. We say this because we care about your evolution, success and well-being.


In most Buddhist traditions we have a kind of rule book or perhaps consensus among accomplished masters about what to do and what not to do for any given time.  Since Buddhists tend to be more flexible, we also know that the rules really depend on each circumstance and so we are not too fixed or rigid either.  Generally, the notion of channeling something has been a bit frowned upon.  But clearly we channel things all the time, good, bad and neutral.  So in this case, I can only say that since I have not asked the source to identify itself exactly, that the key factor here in my choice to reveal this transmission is simply that what is contained seemed more elevated than our normal or ordinary confused stance and so could therefore be of value.  The transmission is in fact a kind of blanket broadcast and many people are able to receive that these days.  I'm sure many others know exactly what I mean.

This written by a spirit being trapped in a middle-aged man's body which people call the Self-blazing rays of the sun as a way of labeling for sake of consistency in an otherwise unpredictable world.