"This apparent solidity that we experience is not all it's cracked up to be" -Lama Rangbar

"If you take a deep look inside yourself everyday, you will start to see that this apparent solidity that we experience is not all it's cracked up to be"

-Lama Rangbar-

When we meditate we are not trying to make something a certain way.  We are trying to see what is really there.  This sounds easy but it is not.  We insist on superimposing our own individual version of things onto our world.

We would almost rather die than enquire purely without pre-determination.  For that reason, we need to retrain ourselves.  But then again, we typically pick up a meditation practice thinking, I am going to retrain myself so that I will be this or that or see this or that.  This is the same game in new clothes.  We really have to adjust our notion of goal in order to meditate properly.  We have to sit at the station and watch the entire train go by with no notion to get on board no matter how sexy the passengers may be.

There's no need for fear that we are missing something. We can always get on the train any time.  In fact we always do that.  Meditation changes the status quo because we are going to be brave enough to look at whatever arises without judging it as good or bad.  We can think anything we want but its none of our business. Sitting there like that once a day, day after day, eventually the solidity cracks up and we may also.  Flow becomes more of the norm and the rigamortus we are so typically carrying around even in our lives, starts to loosen up. When we soften, the phenomenon softens.  True compassion is born here in this space of meditation.  There is no longer any need to have a goal other than resting in the spontaneous benefits for everyone.