"Prophecy" by Lama Rangbar

Lama Rangbar Nyimai Ozer’s comments on prophecies in general and prophecies concerning the Maha Bodhivastu Stupa of The Great Awakening in particular.

Guru Rinpoche’s prophecies are beyond intellect, too numerous to expound fully here. Many of these were committed to record in writing during Guru Rinpoche’s own historical time in well known texts such as the “Pema Katang”, while others were hidden by power of mind, symbol and sacred bond where they have remained concealed for this and future generations. In one way of speaking, since prophecies have been held in unbroken lineages by Lamas, Yidams (tutelary deities), Dakinis, (enlightened female activity and messenger emanations), and holy oath-bound Dharma protectors, they are therefore able to appear without regard to concepts of historical time. As such they can appear unimpeded in any of the three times with great accuracy and profundity.In many cases prophecies can be hidden and revealed as treasures. These prophecy treasures are revealed in several manners, among them being; revelation by Tertons ( treasure revealers) , revelation by signs and indications during dream, meditative equipoise and visions. In certain circumstances prophecies are given by oracular injunction to action.In the Tibetan Language the word “Lung Ten” is often translated into English as prophecy. A prophet in the English language, could probably be described as a representative or messenger of God or perhaps of “the truth”. The word prophetic, indicates that the topic or revelation comes from an extra-ordinary, holy or sacred source, beyond the confines of the limiting three-fold conception of past present and future and not just a guess or ordinary creative concept or utterance.In fact, the words “Lung Ten”, have deeper meaning in the Tibetan language. Lung refers to authorization or transmission, while “Ten” means to be, or to remain firm.  There is also the category called “Ka Bab Lung ten” or the descended oral authorization, or holy transmission via enlightened or realized speech or injunction while “Ten” refers to the firmness, correctness and relaibility of the authority and activity. In this regard, “Lung Ten”, both general and specific, can afford practitioners of these modern times, with the verification and support of major activities with respect to the Buddha Dharma, enacted for the benefit of sentient beings assuring that they are actually beneficial in the long run and not based on fabrications of the deluded egoistic mind.The Lung Ten for Maha Bodhivastu, and the Stupa of The Great Awakening, have come from both living high Lamas who are holders of the unbroken lineage dating back to The Lord Buddha Shakyamuni himself as well as by “Oracular proclamation of ka bab ling ten”. The Lung Ten is therefore truly firm and carries the authority of the Dharma Protector Tseui Marpo (an activity emanation of Guru Rinpoche) as its protection and support. My own teacher, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, was the reincarnation of Lord Buddha Shakyamuni’s close disciple, Shariputra. It is said that His Holiness is our modern day representative of Guru Rinpoche in person, and will later be incarnated as the future King of Shambala. Today, he abides as the Lord of Refuge, Dudjom Yangsii Rinpoche, who has given his authority and encouragement for the construction of Maha Bodhivastu and The Stupa of The Great Awakening along with Kyabje Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche and Kyabje Dodrup Chen Rinpoche.Many of us involved in this altruistic project can observe a visceral stream of blessings develop that supports us in our lives from all sides in both mundane and spiritual worlds alike. As such, many will find themselves related from past and even future lives to this prophetic stream of enlightened miraculous activity.General prophecies indicate the markers of our times while specific prophecies can help practitioners embark with great confidence on works to remedy specific problems we face.

One such general prophecy relates to our current times and deals with our technological capacity in relation to our poorly developed wisdom. In essence, one Tibetan prophecy states that human kind’s technological capacity increases without sufficient corresponding wisdom to balance and guide the use of these technologies. Obviously, today our own ability to destroy ourselves seems to have developed far above our ability to make peace or to preserve and sustain ourselves. This prophecy poetically describes, if you will, a situation where the Kingdom of Shambala which is the stronghold of perfected wisdom and skillful means, has ten doors or “gates” surrounding its periphery. The core energy of this realm with both relative and absolute aspects is protected by these, more or less, “peripheral” gates. At a certain point in humanity’s development, human kind’s ability to penetrate through nine of the gates protecting this realm using technical means alone (without corresponding wisdom) become evident. However, before the last gate can be penetrated, the tenth gate opens on its own accord and the warriors of that realm usher forth into our word system to destroy the forces of negativity and confusion that prevail at the time.

One can talk about this from a simple or even mundane framework by saying that humans have some chance to wake up and see the true effects of their actions and correct them, regardless of their tendency to remain in a cloud of denial and distraction while making things worse.

The warriors of Shambala need not necessarily be limited to any particularly predestined set of mystical people, but instead can be anyone who decides to awaken to a clear understanding of cause and effect and takes deep decision and commitment to act with integrity and wakefulness to accomplish the tasks required to set the energy straight. As such, although they have no particular marks or means of identification to “outsiders”, these warriors should and do recognize each other due to their similar views, and conduct. In addition to this feature, holy beings, Bodhisattvas etc. can influence and even awaken the natural potential of what appears to be ordinary individuals, even bringing them into enactment of the full-blown activities of Bodhisattvas simply by recognition of their life purposes.

Prophecy and lassitude:

Some people and even some Lamas say that what will happen to us as a globe is largely beyond our influence and is in a way sort of “fated”. Some feel that this extends to the likelihood of major nuclear war. But in terms of our own actions, this should not be taken as a reason to catalyze practitioners who do not act in accordance with relative principles of accumulation of merit and wisdom by support of such works as as building stupas etc.

I have heard many people say: “Well, if the stupa is prophesied then it will happen if I help out or not.” This is hardly the point. Everything exists as ever-present limitless possibilities. One of the words to describe samsara or cyclic existence in the Tibetan language is “Srid Pai Khorlo” which roughly translates to “wheel of possibilities”. The point is that one could use the opportunity to join forces to make it happen and thereby gain incalculable merit energy. That is why a stupa is also called a “Chorten” support for Dharma offerings.

To sit back and simply watch negative patterns of behavior proliferate and unfold is not in accord with the Dharma nor the three vows. Moreover, if we do our best, we will have no regret regardless of the outcome, while simply sitting back and passively watching in no way fulfills our basic responsibility to be human. Simply put, we will be in doubt and feel cranky at best unless we have done our best. This is true in general.

In regards to the construction of the Maha Bodhivastu and the Stupa of The Great Awakening, those who embark or join into this work with the pure motivation to benefit others, are the emanations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, those who join in, pray for, support, well-wish, build, circumambulate, and or make offerings to the chorten and its developmental process, etc. will experience the higher states of mind and existence while sowing seeds for higher future manifestations totally beyond suffering. Such people also increase positive supportive merit energy for the entire planet which forms the basis for experiences of happiness and bliss for all beings. In essence, with the performance of altruistic actions dedicated to collective awakening, a higher vibration of life is experienced attracting similar goodness in how one perceives the environment.

The specific Prophecy for this Chorten states that it will become one of the three most important sites on our planet along with Boudhanath (Jarong Kashore in Nepal) and Buddha Gaya (the Vajra Seat of Lord Buddha in India). The prophecy shows how this stupa could “push back” the times of plagues, famine and warfare, far into the future and also avert several specific calamities. The construction of this stupa, to be the residence of all divine forces of the ten directions and three times, could well happen within the next several year period.    That means from 2016 through 2020.  Specific prophecy indicates that if the land for this particular chorten is able to be secured very soon and construction commenced soon thereafter, that the Stupa will become a major stable support for Dharma in our world system thereby averting or mitigating the strength of wars and elemental disturbances.

The work to build the Maha Bodhivastu Stupa of The Great Awakening is therefore a truly altruistic endeavor not geared towards one particular person or small group of people. Similarly, the construction of this great Chorten affords protection for the entire world and not just the USA.

The oracular injunction has indicated that this Stupa should be largely based on the form of Baudhanath Stupa called Jarong Ka Shore in Kathmandu Nepal. As one of the propitiating Lamas for this project, I held a series of meetings with representatives of the family charged with looking after the Baudhanath stupa (know as the Chinya Lama lineage). During the last of these meetings the Thigtse, (the sacred proportions of the stupa) which are normally closely guarded, were handed over to our group representing the Maha Bodhivastu Project, in a ceremony where the main large Bell of the stupa was unlocked and each of us rang the bless three times to symbolize the movement of the essence of the stupa across the globe and onto the western world.

Other prophecies:

Once Khenpo Ngawang Palzang, disciple of Nyoshul Lungtok Tenpai Nyima, had a dream in which he saw a big stupa in India. It was the largest one erected by King Ashoka, filled with Buddha’s relics. It was being destroyed from top to bottom. A big river was coming to wash everything to the ocean in the western direction, where the entire ocean became red as this stupa fell into it as if crumbling from a big rock into the waters. At that moment, a voice from the sky said that millions of beings living in the ocean would be benefited by this stupa.

Ngawang Palzang reported this dream to his lama, Nyoshul Lungtok, who said nothing. Later Nyoshul Lungtok said in this regard that the teachings of the Buddha, then being practiced in the East, would be destroyed there, but that they would go to the West and benefit many beings. The voice in the dream had said that the beings will be benefited and will “see the truth.” That is explained as meaning they will see or understand absolute truth. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will all realize absolute truth, but they will be benefited greatly by receiving the teachings and understanding their truth.

Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche commented that this stupa represented the basis of the teachings of Buddhism, which are being destroyed in the East but will spread more and more in the West. When the voice in the sky said beings will be benefited greatly and see the truth, it means one million beings will realize absolute truth and that beings all over the West will be greatly benefited by these teachings, which will spread widely.