Long Life for Acharya Dawa Chodrak Rinpoche

If one examines the Dudjom Tersar lineage closely, we find that it is a lineage that focuses on actual experience of Buddha's realization through practice.  Although the Nyingmapa have historically given birth to some of the most wondrous scholars and pundits, the main focus is on Yoga.  Hence Dudjom Tersar practitioners call each other "Naljyorpas and Naljyormas".  The word Yoga has broad implications and generally means "union" with one's own natural mind. But the view of truly accomplished Tersar masters is that Anu Yoga in fact provides a critical basis for actualization of all higher vehicles.

More importantly, there is no source of accomplishment without a qualified Lama to show the path via key instructions.  The Lama is the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.  Why do we say this?  If one were to assemble all the Dharma books in the world, they would not for a moment come close to the wisdom and method contained in the fingertip of a fully accomplished master.  Unfortunately, what we feel to be the tangible physical presence of such masters displays to us through what we perceive to be limited time.  We must therefore pray fervently from our hearts for the longevity of our teachers. 

Acharya Dawa Chodak Rinpoche is one of the few remaining fully accomplished masters living with us today.  Although what I have received from him only amounts to a grain of sand from a vast ocean, for me, that grain of sand is my entire world.  For anyone connected with me or better still, directly to this great master, or for anyone who wishes to form a connection to him in this or future lives, I hope you will take up his long life prayer on a daily basis.  The reason for this are manifold but to list a few:

1. We have caused obstacles to the manifestation of teachings, teacher’s life span and activities in this and past lives.  Praying for the Lama’s long life is a remedy for these mistakes.

2. We purify our wrong perception of the Lama and his activities and therefore accumulate merit by such prayers.

3. By purifying our samaya and by our sincere request that he remain for the benefit of all beings; by such prayers, the causes and conditions for the Lama’s longevity can be increased and can manifest accordingly.

4. By increasing the life span of a master by prayer, Dharma will proliferate that much more for current and future beings in this world system. 

If we are Buddhists then we believe in cause and effect.  Understood properly, this also means that we can strive to precipitate good results with our positively motivated actions.  To view and download Acharya Dawa Chodrak Rinpoche's long life prayer please click here: