Supporting Buddhist Ceremonies and Practices

According to the Vajrayana path of Buddhism, the path of secret mantra, there are many methods that are used to help beings on their path towards enlightenment. In general Buddhists employ methods which dispel obstacles of all types while increasing supportive and conducive circumstances and conditions for the fulfillment of our Dharma practice. These days in particular, we all face heavier challenges in our worldly lives due to diminishing of our merit field both individually and collectively.  Sponsoring Dharma activities is a powerful way to become a direct cause of accumulation of merit and to connect with the blessing streams generated by sincere practice and employment of sound method backed by wisdom.  

Supporting Buddhist ceremonies generates and connects us to extremely positive and uplifted energy by interdependent origination (Temdrel Nyingpo). Ordinary merit and wisdom merit are both needed in order for us to have success in our Dharma path and our lives in general since one supports the other.
— Lama Rangbar

There are thousands of Buddhist ceremonies performed for a host of reasons ranging from finding one's lost Yak to assuring balance of the five elements.  One can support ceremonies to remove obstacles from one's path to enlightenment, to pave the way for a successful outcome in a project, to increase harmony at home or to assist in one's health and well-being.  We have posted a few of the typical functions below for your reference.

People can sponsor ceremonies according to their wish and intuition or they can first make an offering to request a divination into the matter to determine which ceremony would be most appropriate.  Divinations are not needed in cases when supporting activities such as freeing of lives and construciton of holy supports for Dharma as these activities are always excellent, beneficial and meaningful.

Lama Rangbar is often available to perform various offering ceremonies

As a Ngakpa, Lama Rangbar is often invited to people’s homes, places of work and or requested to perform ceremonies from the base of his own centers in New York state.

The protocols for requesting and inviting Lama Rangbar (or other Lamas associated with him) to perform such functions are not fixed as there are many circumstances. In general one must first know what must be accomplished. Secondly, there should be a discussion or divination to determine which ceremony is appropriate and to discuss the time, place, logistics and costs. Those requesting should understand a few basic things from a Buddhist perspective.

Ceremonies can never be done to harm anyone. In fact, ceremonies are done in the spirit of benefitting all beings. If one is ill, one can pray that all beings purify and pacify illness, etc. Even when it appears that someone is causing an obstacle in some way, their eventual happiness also figures into the solution as we are all connected. Those wishing to sponsor ceremonies should understand that it is not the Lama’s burden to solve all your problems simply by having paid out some money.

Ceremonies are designed to create a field of positive energy that brings natural good fortune. One should not support a ceremony with a mind of tit for tat.

Those wishing to have ceremonies done on their behalf should support all the things required to have the ceremony done. This includes, transport for the Lama and perhaps assistants, substances for the puja, offerings to Lama and assistants, etc. If one is unable to bear the financial responsibility of supporting the needed ceremonies then one can simply request the Lama to pray and offer whatever one wishes to form a connection to the process by placing value on it.

To request a divination or to open a discussion on the topic of ceremonies please use the contact button on the following page:

A few of the typical functions are listed below for your reference.

Riwo Sang Chod (Mountain of Burnt Offerings)

One of the most effective ways of dispelling all kinds of obstacles and drawing down great good fortune is the powerful practice of Riwo Sang CHod. A treasure of Guru Rinpoche revealed by Lhatsun Namkha Jigmed in Sikkim, this practice is revered by all sects of Vajrayana Buddhism. Lama can be engaged to come to your home, center or place of work to perform this practice and or teach people how to perform it or Lama can be requested to perform this at his own residence on behalf of sponsors.

Urgyen Khandro Norlha Hooking of Wealth (Yang Kuk)

Often we find that our diminished merit and stinginess constricts our mental attitude and then our actual sources of wealth as well. The “hooking of wealth” as it is called in Tibetan, is a powerful method of reversing the mechanism of grasping while dramatically increasing one’s field of merit and wisdom. This practice can be done in people’s homes, please of work or by Lama and the community at our centers.

Freeing of Lives

One of the most important practices in Buddhism is the freeing of lives. In particular, no being wishes to lose its life and the energy generated by offerin protection from fear and loss of life is vast. Since it is not always easy for people to find the correct circumstances to do proper life release along with all the needed prayers, Lama Rangbar leads the Bodhivastu community life releases several times a year. Simply contact us to find out when and how to sponsor some or all of a life release activity.

Troma Changbu Gyatsa

The offering of one hundred hand prints is a very effective way to pay back karmic residues by transforming them into wisdom. The ceremony requires two capable Lamas and can be done in one day including Torma prparation. This activity can also be supported for an entire group.

Longevity prayers (Chimed Tsokthig and Tse Kuk or Hooking of Life Forces)

Longevity practices are best done with the sponsoring party present. The “Hooking of Life Forces” is designed to restore one’s lost or stolen life energies which can lead to depression and shortened life span.

Supporting the Construction of Stupas, Mandalas, Places of meditation (Gompas) and Statues

The sponsoring of the construction of Stupas and Mandalas, statues and other Dharma supports, are always good t perform for everyone at any time.

Sponsoring stupas assures great accumulation of merit for this and future lives and is essentially the same as building one’s own enlightenment on all levels.

Sponsoring Mandalas can contribute to World Peace and the pacification of turbulence and obstacles in our own lives.

The Bodhivastu Foundation will be engaging in several such projects starting in 2019 including:

  1. The renovation of the Main Shrine Hall of the Big Indian Meditation Retreat and Healing Sanctuary in Big Indian NY

  2. The shipping and consecration of a Large Guru Rinpoche statue for the same shrine room

  3. The establishment of the Vajrakilaya World Peace Mandala at Big Indian

  4. The construction of the Stupa of the Great Awakening in Big Indian NY

Prayer Accumulations

  1. Sevel Line Prayer,

  2. Sampa Lhundrup (All spontaneously accomplished prayer of Guru Rinpoche)

  3. Sampa Nyurdrupma prayer recitation (The Speedy accomplishment of all requirements by Guru Rinpoche)

  4. Barchad Lamsel (The removal of obstacles prayer of Guru Rinpoche)

Costs vary depending of number of recitations required. Large accumulations are often passed onto our associated Bhutanese Gompa or the Dudjom Gompa in Orrissa, India.

Dakini and Guru Tsok offering

Tsok Offering pujas are normally done by the Bodhivastu Sangha on the tenth and twenty fifth of each lunar month.

Tsok Offerings can be made simply by going to our donations page and mentioning the reason for the donation in the space provided.

Mention “for tsok offering” in the box provided.

Prayer for the Deceased

Many of us have seen ceremonies done for those passed away. There are several activities that can be accomplished for the benefit of those passing away or already passed such as:

1. Powa (transference of consciousness performed by a Lama)

2. Dorje Sempa Lama Chopa (performed by an assembly)

3. Kar Sur (white burnt offerings to smooth the deceased through transition (bardo))

4. Other aspiration prayers: prayer to Amitaba Buddha, Chenrezig, Guru Rinpoche etc.

All of the above pujas and prayers can be supported by individual arrangement. Follow the below to the contact button and write a brief note as to what your wish is.


In Asia it is common for people to support 49 days of Vajrasattva puja for the benefit of their expired family members and all beings. However, in America, since there are few places with the capacity to carry on pujas for several days let alone 49 days. We have therefore decided to create a fund that allows people to make arrangements for such ceremonies to be done on their names when they pass away. There are two ways the fund operates:

1. A request can be made to Bodhivastu at the time of passing by family members or friends of the deceased to make arrangements with any of our affiliated Monasteries in Nepal and Bhutan for fulfillment of the ceremony requirements. Vajrasattva pujas can be carried out on a number of levels. The most elaborate is to offer Lama Chopa and Tsok every day for 49 days. Second to this is to perform the Dudjom Kater Dorsem for 49 days. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to offer the ceremonies every 7th day, across the 49 days (i.e. seven times) and finally, the main or abbreviated Dorsem practices can be done once in a complete manner.

2. A donation can be made by anyone to Bodhivastu to be held until notification of passing is received. Pujas will begin at the earliest possible time upon notification.