Dean Gitter, Memorial Page


Dean Gitter passes away

It is with great sadness that we bring you the news of the passing of Dean Gitter a senior student of Swami Rudrananda

Dean Gitter was born September 21, 1935 in Malden, Massachusetts and passed away on November 20, 2018 in Taos, NM.

Dean was a creative spirit as evidenced by his many successful projects over the years as a developer and entrepreneur. From the Orson Welles Cinema in the 70’s in Cambridge, MA. to his final projects - the Emerson Resort, the world’s largest kaleidoscope, and the Belleayre Resort in Highmount, NY.

It was Dean's meeting with a man named Sufi Sam at the Orson Welles that brought him to Swami Rudrananda, commonly known as Rudi, who would become his teacher. Dean and Rudi met in the Bahamas during a spiritual teachers gathering where a co-worker who pointed out to Dean that he should go and talk with the rotund, smiling man in orange before he left. Dean asked why, and she said, “Because he’s your teacher, stupid.” He did as suggested and requested Rudi to become his student. Rudi said, “ Yes. Come to my apartment in NYC.”

That was the beginning of his spiritual journey with Rudi. Some time later, after Rudi had purchased the ashram at Big Indian, NY, he asked Dean to run it, which he did. Dean lived at the end of Lost Clove road just past the ashram for 40 years dedicated to Rudi’s work and to the care of the shrine. Later, Dean oversaw the placing of Rudi's ashes into the ground at his lakeside shrine and insured that they would always remain where Rudi had chosen his resting place to be.  Dean and his wife Lynn, have been generously supporting the successful restoration of the large Stupa dedicated to Rudi on the ashram land.

As many of Rudi's closest disciples get on in years, Dean’s passing marks the ending of the early era of the introduction of Eastern spirituality to the west. Dean will be missed and remembered by all who knew him by the lasting breath of his warm personality.