Vajrakilaya Mendrup Drupchen

Mantra Recitation Participation

Many of you are connected or are now connecting with the Vajrakilaya Mendrup Drupchen being held at Bodhivastu's Dechen Mingyurling center in Sankhu Vajrayogini Nepal, this October 24th through November 5th.

Some of you have connected by making offerings of actual financial support, others by prayers and good wishes and many of you will actually attend in person.

There is still another important way you can all participate even if you cannot attend in person.  The Drupchen is essentially a single session of practice which stretches over a week to ten days. Drupchens are a concentrated intensive of collective mantra recitation, blessing function and reading of aspirations which continues in a 24 / 7 unbroken manner.  This means that sessions will be going on day and night in Nepal without break for those 7 days and continuing through the days when the mendrup will be further blessed with mantra, hand dried and polished.   Each session requires the wakeful energy and practice of the practitioners and it is a challenge.  Sometimes one or two people fall asleep.

Lamas Sleeping.jpg

What this means for you who cannot attend is that during the drupchen, whenever and wherever you practice, no matter what time of day it is, there will be practitioners in session with you in Nepal when you practice.  You will be joining us without limits of space or time and joining us to remove obstacles for all beings and draw down profound blessings into the mendrup substances.

Join us in our goal to accumulate 7 Million Vajrakilaya Mantras: 


We invite and encourage all of you who wish to connect with this Vajrakilaya Drupchen to do so by committing to however many mantras you can recite preferably at convenient regular sessions.  For example, perhaps you can commit one session per day, when you recite the vajrakilaya mantra and keep track of those recitations for us to collect and compile. The actual recitaiton accumulation will start on October 28th and go through November 5th AM Nepal time.  After that we will still be accepting accumulations of Vajrakilaya mantra as the mendrup is being hand dried by the practitioners with more mantras being recited over the substance. Please send your intention to participate in the accumulations by sending an email to: and please use this same email to send in your accumulated mantra's numbers.

For those who have not received Vajrakilaya empowerment, you can instead substitute the mantra of Guru Padmasambhava:


Such recitation participation will definitely connect you with the drupchen and its unfathomable blessings as we generate, experience and share the increased collective interdependent energy together.  recitations can be send in sections to: along with your name.  When sending in successive accumulation amounts please do not repeat reporting earlier submissions.


NOTE: THIS ITEM BELOW IS NOW OVER as the drupchen has been completed.  The page is left up as a record only.  BUTTONS FOR DONATION FOR TSOK OF DRUPCHEN HAVE BEEN REMOVED.

You can now participate by making offerings of tsok, food, tea, prayers and offerings to Lamas and general drupchen assembly.  See below

20170122_150545 copy 2.jpg

People who cannot attend in person can also sponsor tsok, meals or tea to those participating in Nepal.  This mantra generation engine is people-powered and people are calorie powered.  These types of offerings will be offered every day and you can write a short wish, prayer request with intention along with your support.  Click the button below for general donations or puja offerings:  


In the donation note space you can (for example) mention:

1. For an entire Tsok  (approximately $150 for average days and $300 and up for exceptional tsoks)

2. Contribution to any tsok (any amount)

3. Tea offering for the assembly ($30 for one time or $60 for one day)

4. Offering to Lamas officiating at the ceremony or for the entire assembly (as per your wish)

There will be over 30 Lamas, Anis and over 40 attending in total.


A typical offering round could be:  

> Officiating Lamas such as Loppon, Dorje Gyaltsap, Umzes, etc. between NRs 1,500 and NRs 2,000 each person ($15 to $20 each person)

> General assembly Lamas and Anis (nuns)  NRs 500 to 1000 or $5 to $10

> General assembly (any attendees)  any amount

In general there is no amount too small or too large and no standard to meet.  It is all up to the individual's feeling and what your capacity is.

If you wish to participate by donation, please include your name, date of birth (Chinese year sign with element if possible) and your prayer or intention.

We can say: "For the health and well-being of so and so and all beings"  or "to pacify natural disasters" or, "to help me and my friend Carnelia to get over our obstacles and for all beings"  etc. etc.

Your names and prayers will be read out to the assembly on the day the offerings of Tsok or tea or support are made and various aspiration prayers accordingly done at that time.

Some of the prayers read out and dedicated are:

1. Sampa Lhundrup  (Spontaneous accomplishment of all wishes)

2. Du Sum Sangye (averting obstacles in the three times prayer to Guru Rinpoche)

3. Barchad Lamsal (clearing away obstacles and clearing the path prayer to Guru Rinpoche)

4. Prayer to Vajrakilaya lineage (for tea offering)


Meanwhile we will be praying for the benefits of all beings:  

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering

May all beings have well-being and happiness and the causes of these

May all beings never be separated from the great bliss which is free from suffering

May all beings live in equanimity, without attachment to dear ones or aversion to others.