Supporting The Great Accomplishment Ceremony of Vajrakilaya

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Another great way you can support the Mendrup Drupchen:

This profound Vajrakilaya combined practice comes from Termas (Dharma treasures) of two great Nyingmapa Masters, hidden in Guru Padmasambhava's time for use in our modern world situation.  Both Putri Redpung (the Treasure of His Holiness Dudjom Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche and Namchak Putri (the sky metal sword) of his previous incarnation Dudjom Lingpa, will be used as the root texts for this great accomplishment  ceremony.   We have arranged for several Dudjom Lingpa statues to be made available for practitioners which will be filled with body, speech and mind relics and consecrated within the vajrakilaya practice mandala.  

You can support the drupchen by sponsoring one or more of these Dudjom Lingpa statues at $700 each.  There are only a few remaining for sponsorship so confirm soon so as not to be disspointed. Statues will be shipped to your chosen address after the drupchen and consecration has been completed. This cost does not include shipping to your location but does include a basic share of mendrup made at the drupchen. Size: Approximately 5 Inches high.