2014 was Bodhivastu’s first year with the retreat sanctuary under our feet. We all went through a fast learning curve about the land and existing buildings. One issue that stood out was that the main field is an important area because there is relatively less flat open space elsewhere on the land. The field is  underutilized and at the same time we need a place to gather, practice and hold community events.

Perhaps most importantly, Lama Rangbar feels that there is a critical need for westerners to engage in movement and Yogas as an integral part of their spiritual lives in order to assure correct strength and deeper naturalized harmony.  Lama Rangbar wishes to commence a cycle of teachings he holds which he calls "Excellent Harmony Health Movements"  We have therefore decided to construct a semi-open structure for these purposes. We feel that this structure will benefit all members of our community and the public immensely.


Current Development:


We are currently seeking funds to begin construction on the pavilion. The estimated cost of this structure should come to approximately 50K- to 60K depending on materials selected.