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The Condensed Dudjom Tersar Ngondro, the Foundational Practice of the Nyingma

Dear Bodhivastu Community Members and Friends,
At the request of several of our members, this October 29th and 30th  Lama Rangbar will be offering a special teaching on the condensed Dudjom Tersar Ngondro or Foundational Practices of the Ancient Ones (Nyingma).  By offering these teachings, Lama Rangbar is responding to all those who have requested his guidance and friendship and hopes that all those who wish to study with him will please understand the importance of this opportunity in setting the stage for future teachings and make special efforts and make sure to attend these teachings.
"Many may think that Ngondro practice is the beginner's practice that one has to get through in order to go onto more advanced practices.  Although this is partially true, they are in fact the base of the entire path condensed into an easy to understand and easy to relate to daily practice that leads us to the citadel of perfect Buddhahood while assuring that the quality of our daily life improves greatly.  When practiced with proper instruction which intrinsically combine the Ngondro with the Great Perfection teachings, there is truly nothing more profound"  
- Lama Rangbar-
The teachings will be held at the Bodhivastu Poughquag center the Academy of Mantric Sciences in NY and also on-line for those who really cannot attend physically.  Lama advises that physical presence is a much more effective way to approach the teachings but that the online version is being offered as an alternative only for those that truly cannot make it in person.
Teachings will start Saturday AM at 9:30 AM on both days, continue util noon when we take a lunch break until 2:00 when we start again and finish around 5:30PM.  Early response is strongly suggested in order to secure your place as seating is limited at the Poughquag center.
Beautiful hard cover Ngondro Books made by Cheryl Lins are still available at $35 each for hard copy and $21 for a few soft covers left.  Please confirm your book order and attendance in advance by sending an email to so as not to be disappointed.