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Movement & Stillness: Radiant Healing System Instruction with Lama Rangbar

  • 1151 New York 55 Lagrangeville, NY, 12540 United States (map)

Lama Rangbar is an inheritor of a special system of body movement known as "The Radiant Healing System" and will be teaching these movements on a weekly basis throughout the summer at a new studio space in Lagrangeville, NY. These precious movements are designed to remove blockages in the body, increase flexibility and also to build an extra-ordinary strong mind.

Lama Rangbar had this to say about the movements:
"These ancient movements are very close to my heart and are suitable for people from all walks of life, in all levels of physical shape and due to their low impact, they are excellent for just about any age."

Pricing for subsequent classes will be posted soon.

Attire for participation:  
White cotton draw string pants (or white or gray sweat pants) and a white T-shirt.

Please RSVP for the upcoming class below:

Address Info:
The studio space is located at 1151 Rte 55, Langrangeville, NY on the second floor at the Hudson Valley Dance Depot