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Naga Day

Nagas are beings in our natural environment that play a role in the qualities of our lives whether we are aware of this or not. All Buddhist schools acknowledge and venerate Nagas throughout Asia for prosperity and many other reasons. Making offerings to the Nagas should only be done on the correct astrological days that are associated with their being awake and active. Naga offering ceremonies can play an important role in establishing harmony and balance in the environment, as well as for curing many kinds of diseases. Practitioners who regularly make offerings to the Nagas, thus turning the Nagas into allies, are often benefitted by ensuring one's prosperity.

Many Buddhist Dharma protectors are Nagas and play an important role in the establishment and continuity of the Dharma. The Nagas are awake on certain days that are determined by calculations on the lunar calendar. These are the days (called "teb") on which Naga ceremonies are performed. There are 4 degrees (*) of "Naga Days." The ceremonies can be performed on any of the Naga days but it's most important to do them on the 4th degree days. Also, it's important not to "wake up" (disturb) the Nagas on the other days, when they are asleep.

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Naga Day
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