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Losar Mountain of Burnt Offerings

  • Bodhivastu Meditation Retreat and Healing Sanctuary 126 Lost Clove Road Big Indian, NY, 12410 United States (map)

Bodhivastu invites one and all to the Bodhivastu Meditation and Retreat and Healing Sanctuary in Big Indian NY on the second day of the Lunar New Year (Losar) for a Mountain of Burnt Offerings ceremony.  This is going to be one of our biggest sang offerings we will be making this year.  We will try to build up a real mountain of sang, literally!  

All are welcome and the event is free of charge!  The ceremony should truly yield swift and effective results to dispel any last residues and bring in the new year with a wave of pure blessings from all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the three times and ten directions.

People are requested to come early or at least on time as we will start at 9:30AM, although our doors do not close after 9:30 since there are no doors outside. That is why they call it outside.  Lunch will be assembled and served so if each person brings his or her own bowls it’s even better.

This is going to be an all day event and we ask all participants to pitch in by coming as early as possible to help set up and to help those participating.  Feel empowered to put your love into action. Exert your will by helping from early in the day in as many ways as you can.

Those wishing to attend are encouraged to bring:
1. Any potluck vegetarian foods for all, coffee and tea for all, 2 gallons of water jugs, and your own hand held thermoses.
2. Some warm blankets to wrap yourselves in and warm hats in case it is cold. 
3. A cushion to sit on in case we sit on the ground
4. Your Bodhivastu morning daily prayer book if you have one. 
5. Bell and Dorje if you have them.
6. Your own small puja table or small ground cloth to put texts and ritual items on.

Those wishing to make offerings can bring them as per the below schedule.  Those wishing to help us gather funds for the main shopping of all these things can make their offerings by clicking here. Please use the message section to denote it is for Losar Sangcho.  Please do so as soon as possible to allow for shopping ahead of time.

We will be raising our Wind Horse energies by prayers and by hanging prayer flags after the sang, so you can bring prayer flags.  If you do not have prayer flags, you can make a donation and specify prayer flags in the message section. 

We will burn a significant amount of ingredients, so we need people to bring all kinds of items from this list to mix together:

Priority is:
A. Juniper greens, cedar boughs, and pine boughs. Any evergreen with turpentine-like sap.  A mountain of it is needed, so no limit on how much you bring.  A car full each person.
1. Resins scraped off pine trees
2. Frankincense, myrrh, copal
3. Sage
4. Cloves, Nutmeg, Cardamom, cinnamon etc.

B. Five Grains (lots of it):
1. Wheat flour (whole or refined) 
2. Corn meal yellow or white
3. Rice flour and rice grains (any and all kinds)
4. Buckwheat (whole grains preferably although flour of Buckwheat is also good)
5. Barley.  This can be full grains and also flour like tsampa.
6. Other grains also OK.  Such as big bags of mixed bird seeds etc.

C. Three Whites
1. Yogurt
2. Milk or Milk powder
3. Butter or clarified Butter
(As much as possible)

D. Three sweets
1. Rock candy or regular sugar
2.  Molasses (Brown sugar counts as both white sugar and molasses)
3. Honey
(As much as possible)

E. Five precious metals:
1. Gold
2. Silver
3. Copper
4. Brass
5. Iron
(Preferably filed into powder although bring what you can)

F. Precious gems, both precious and semi-precious (This can be small quantity)
1. Ruby
2. Turquoise
3. Red coral and other corals
4. Dzi bead
5. Agate
6. Carnelian
7. Jasper
8. Citrine
9. Lapis
10. Sapphire

Pre-registration for this event is a requirement as pre-planning is required.  Please reply to by February 14th to confirm your participation.  Registration can also be made by using this link.  Please make sure to write: "Losar Riwo Sangcho" in the note section of the donation window.