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Full Moon and Naga Puja with Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche and Lama Rangbar Big Indian center

  • 126 Lost Clove Road Big Indian, NY, 12410 United States (map)

Naga Offering Ceremony at the Bodhivastu Big Indian Meditation Retreat and Healing Sanctuary

Bhakha Tulku RInpoche and Lama Rangbar will lead a complete “Mountain of purified offerings” and also the Naga Offering ceremony from Dudjom Lingpa’s cycle called: “Lutor Dutsii Gyatso”. This is a morning session practice. This practice of offering purified medicines and food to the Nagas helps all beings balance and enrich the five elements by restoring relations with local beings.

All are welcome and those wishing to attend should inform us by writing an email to

To make offerings in order to connect and form a material link to the blessing stream please visit:

and mention “Naga Offering Ceremony” in the memo space provided.

Ingredients one can bring, All must be brand new unopened and unused ingredients of picked from nature but kept in a clean place:

Whole Milk

Sage, Juniper and other fruit woods

Resins such as Frankincense and copal

Crushed Gems precious and semi-precious

As much fresh juniper or cedar greens as possible.