Hosting Ceremonies and Functions at Big Indian

According to the Vajrayana path of Buddhism, we cannot ignore the importance of generating positive relative causes and conditions while on our journey towards enlightenment. The Vajrayana is well-suited to forming bridges between non-secular and secular (religious and worldly concerns), by increasing supportive and conducive circumstances and conditions for the fulfillment of our Dharma practice. These days in particular, while we all face heavier challenges in our lives due to the diminishing of our merit field, we recognize more than ever the need to enhance and redefine the focus of our activities. Hosting functions and activities within a sanctified context of spiritual development is a powerful way to enhance our success and to connect with the blessing streams generated by pure intention and employment of sound method backed by wisdom.  

Hosting events, ceremonies and functions in consecrated spaces draws down immense blessings for all of us. By using intention and sacred space, we can generate and enjoy extremely positive and uplifted energy
— Lama Rangbar

There are many functions in life where we can benefit from structure and focus. These can be formalized or ritualized or simply done with good intention in a blessed place. In between Big Indian Dharma functions and retreats, individuals, families, or groups can host functions at Big Indian such as weddings, practices for the deceased, conferences, meditation and yoga courses as well as other types of training, workshops, etc. Our facilities are intimate and confer profound blessings making it ideal for many kinds of events where a sacred secluded place is needed.

Please note that there is no WIFI or cellphone connectivity at Big Indian. Whereas most of us check to see if they will be able to “get online” we promise you that you cannot. Bodhivastu’s Big Indian Sanctuary is tucked into a deep clove created millions of years ago by glacial movement. The clove (called Lost Clove Road), means that no cell phone transmissions are possible, One may think that not having these things is only a down side when in fact, the deep feeling of peace everyone experiences at Big Indian are one of its best completely palpable amazing features. If you want to know one of the factors in your stress, visit us and you will understand within an hour.

How to arrange the hosting of a function or event at Bodhivastu’s Big Indian Meditation and Healing Sanctuary

To arrange functions, gatherings. etc. at Bodhivastu’s Big Indian Meditation Retreat and Healing Sanctuary, simply start a dialogue with the function manager. Since each hosting requires unique supports, a discussion can easily help define the activity.

Functions can be hosted by anyone bearing in mind that the space is a sacred one with consecrated images and spaces that require your respectful behavior.

A variety of facilities can be used when hosting events such as the meditation hall, tented garden area, lakeside shrine and Sarawasti teaching garden.

To start a discussion on on hosting a function at Big Indian please use the contact button on the following page: