Boudhanath Stupa

November 2016 Consecration and Dedication Ceremonies Completed!

Bodhivastu Heritage Renewal Initiative (HRI) Boudnahath section of the work has now been successfully completed.   The restoration work was accomplished by the Boudhanath Area Development Committee, (BADC), with the support of thousands of faithful people, organizations and many levels of donors and volunteers.  on November 18th through Lhabob Duchen on the 20th, purifiction and consecration ceremonies were completed by blessing lineage Lamas from all over the world and from many different traditions including, Nyingma, Kagyud, Sakya, Gelug, Newar Tantric, Chinese Mahayana and Theravada traditions.  The Dharma ceremonies were followed by a Nepal government dedication ceremony where certificates of appreciation were given by the Prime Minister of Nepal to all the organizations that participated in the reconstruction process including Bodhivastu Foundation.  A rain of auspicious flowers rained down from a helicopter on the final day of buddha's decent from Heaven (Lha Bab Duchen) while the various sects took turns going up to the top of the mandala to open the eyes of the Stupa.  A special plaque has been installed near the Stupa's inner entry way, with the names of the contributors as well.  Bodhivastu's HRI program will continue with support for rebuilding of the Sankhu Vajrayogini temple.  Meanwhile, please enjoy the photo gallery of the Boudhanath consecration and dedication ceremonies.


October 2016 final reveal and preparation for dedication ceremonies

Congratulations to all of you who helped so generously, the Boudhanath Stupa is back and better than ever.  We have come to the very final stage of Bodhivastu's Heritage Renewal Initiative (HRI) Boudnahath section of the work.   The successful Boudhanath Stupa restoration work was accomplished by the Boudhanath Area Development Committee, (BADC), with the support of thousands of faithful people, organizations and many levels of donors and volunteers.

The purification and re-consecration ceremony (Rabnay) has been scheduled to be held on November 18th to the 20th with many lineage Lamas in attendance. Lama Rangbar will attend on behalf of the Bodhivastu Foundation at the invitation of the Boudhanath Area Development Committee (BADC) and also Chintamani Foundation representatives will also attend the ceremonies. Those wishing to donate something to the ceremonies such as for Tsok or Butter lamps, in order to form a connection, feel free to do so by using this link:


Up to August End, 2016 - Current Developments

The Lord of Refuge Trulshik Rinpoche was very fond of Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal.  On the anniversary of Rinpoche's Parinirvana we thought it appropriate to remember our great master by posting a film with him talking about Dharma and Boudhanath.  

Work is continuing wonderfully as the copper sheets are remodeled where needed, gold plated and attached to the new iron framing.  This phase focuses on gold-plating the copper art work which consists of many varieties of elements and components.  Some hang and swing in the wind while others are fixed to a new underlying iron framework.  Throughout the centuries, Boudhanath has been repaired several times and in the words of The Lord of Refuge, Trulshik Rinpoche:  "It gets more and more beautiful each time."   To see the video of Trulshik Rinpoche discussing Stupas and Boudhanath in particular, please go to our media page and click play on the middle video: 

The final consecration ceremony dates have been set by the BADC for November 18th through November 22nd. Those wishing to attend this unique blessing ceremony are encouraged to contact us at

Please enjoy the visuals many of which are brought to us courtesy of Mani Lama who is a close Dharma brother of the Bodhivastu community since 30 years.  

Up to May 3rd, 2016 - Current Developments

Funding for the Heritage Renewal Initiative continues to be dispensed as per the stages of work and needs of the Boudhanath Area Development Committee (B.A.D.C.) as they work to complete the restoration of Boudhanath and its spire.  With support from the Chintamani Foundation and other supporters, to date over $30,000 USD has been mobilized. Support towards the cost of supplies, materials and skilled laborers have been used and another approximately $12,000 allocated in the pipeline. The film below contains recent footage of the Stupa restoration process.  Bodhivastu and Chintamani Foundations have also donated five statues to be included in the newly constructed spire including Amitabha Buddha, Chenrezig, Guru Rinpoche, Vajrasattva, and Tara.

Bodhivastu Foundation and the Himalayan Light Foundation have also mobilized $77,000 into the field as part of it's disaster relief initiative. During this update period we have installed two Solar Power Ozone Water Treatment Systems (SPOWTS) in two schools in two separate villages. You can see the latest relief update here.

We Are Awakening - Film

A film documenting the restoration of Boudhanath Stupa and the rise of its spirit in America


3rd November, 2015 - Reconstruction has Begun

We are now finally in the stage of rebuilding the spire portion of The Great Stupa of Boudhanath.  The foundation for the new spire is now poured with the help of hundreds of volunteers led by Shree Boudhanath Area Development Committee staff and workers.  Today, as we launch this update on Lha Bab Duchen, the day commemorating Lord Buddha's Descent from Heaven, The Life Force Tree (Tsok Shing) has been erected onto the new foundation laid on top of the dome (the Stupa vase).  Hundreds of Lamas attended the ceremonies and thousands of volunteers and onlookers.

A Stupa is not just a monument of cement or brick, it is like a living entity by our relating to it's core motivation of peace and well-being for everyone.

Each ceremony accomplished moves the stupa's energy into action, blessing all beings and our planet.  These ceremonies were attended by hundreds of Lamas from many different sects while the joyful work continues onto its next phase.

This stage represents the conclusion of the taking down process and the setting of the foundation for the new spire to be erected.  The new foundation was set three feet deep into the Stupa's vase, (dome) , on top of a huge metal plate from days of old.  This plate is said to protect the sacred contents within the dome such as relics, mantra scrolls, mandalas, etc.

There are several general important times to relate to Stupas in terms of the opportunities to accumulate great merit.  The first is when supporting a new stupa by giving land or support to purchase land.  The second is building the stupa.  This period includes offerings that are placed inside the stupa, labor or materials to construct the stupa and social works.  After this, there is the ornamentation of the stupa and then supporting or participating in the consecration ceremonies and prayers.  After these are done, for some time period, we can circumambulate stupas, offer new paint which are called "Namsa" or clothing, and also offer lamps, food offerings, music prayer and so on.  

But there are also the rare chances to engage with the meritorious energy of a stupa when they are being repaired.  This is one of those rare moments when our contributions of material offerings and support can be absorbed by the Stupa and go on to generate merit for generations to come.

 Contributing to the construction or restoration of a Stupa brings great merit, wealth and prosperity.  Now everyone has the opportunity to join in the restoration of this historical monument together.  

In the Photo Gallery you can see a photo of His Eminence Namkha Drimed ARabjam Rinpoche a descendant of Togden Shakya Shri who led the most recent previous rennovation of Boudhanath.  His Eminence is also the chief Spiritual Advisor of Bodhivastu's "Stupa of The Great Awakening" project, which is working to construct a Boudhanth of similar scale in the USA.  Please see more Here.


15th September, 2015 - Spire Deconstruction Well Underway.

The Shree Boudhanath Area Development Committee has been working to dissassemble the Boudhanath Stupa spire and has been recording the activity all along the way.  Bodhivastu's HRI program has supported funds for labor and, engineering calculations and drawings, survey, recording and archive storage of materials and dome crack repair using epoxy resin.

There are many stages to this painstaking careful work and also many discoveries of things placed inside the stupa spire. (see photos)

Activity decisions are being taken slowly by consultation with concerned agencies and experts according to reports we are receiving from the committee.

Later phases will include the final deconstruction of the spire,  reconstruction of the spire and gold gilding.  Since this type of work does not normally occur on finished stupas, this project is a most rare and unique opportunity to contribute and be part of Boudhanath's tremendous blessing power.

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