A crucial part of Lama Rangbar Nyima Ozer's mission of catalyzing Global Awakening is the fostering of inter-religious harmony.  By revealing the common source and meaning of all religions and through valid practice, harmony can be shared between diverse groups and expanded throughout all kinds of communities and participants.  Bringing communities together with diverse beliefs in the shared vision and actions of creating an awakened society is what the Mariamma Temple Gardens is all about.

The Bodhivastu Foundation hosted Shree Sai Maa this past September 3rd along with the three communities; Bodhivastu, Sai Maa and Rudi Communities,  A very special Mariamma inaugural event.    

Lama Rangbar nyima ozer (yugyal tulku)


her holiness shree sai maa


Dear Bodhivastu Community and Friends,

Our major three community Mariamma inauguration event with Her Holiness Shree Sai Maa, was successfully held Saturday, September 3rd.
For those who wish to read more about this project please go to:  http://www.thegreatawakening.org/blog/2016/7/26/mariamma-ritrod-lomma-gyonma

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Raising the Temple for Mariamma


The Divine Mother, Mariamma, (Tara Lomo Gyonma in Tibetan) is an ancient feminine deity whose wisdom and compassion is focused on the deepest of healing on all levels of diseases, their causes, and the generation of prosperity and true well-being.

"The arrival of Tara Loma Gyonma Mariamma in the USA is not a mere coincidence.  Her form on this earth arising from a great interdependence is a manifestation of Tara's compassion and an antidote to contagious diseases and epidemics.  There are many prophecies about this age being the time of plagues and epidemics.  The 20th Tara arises to protect us from this form of suffering.  By taking the practice of Tara Loma Gyonma to heart, and by using her holy consecrated form (murti) as a substantial support for meditation and devotion, diseases and their causes can be eradicated. It is my sincere wish that everyone take advantage of Mariamma, (Tara Loma Gyonma) and her temple and surrounds, to accomplish her."  -Lama Rangbar


Mariamma Consecration with Lama Dawa Rinpoche August 29th, 2015

World Peace Garden Mandala Work Weekend May 30th and 31st

The Story Behind Mariamma 

This most extraordinary nine-foot-tall black granite image of Mariamma was gifted by the Venerable Sri Sai Maa  to Lama Rangbar and the Bodhivastu Foundation in 2014, due to Lama's mission to foster a Global Awakening, World Peace and better understanding among different relgions and belief systems. The Bodhivastu and Sai Maa community immediately formed a harmonious team and went to work to place Mariamma upright and build a temple for her so that she would be protected from the elements and so that anyone could visit her freely.  

Mariamma is worshipped for several reasons ranging from protection from diseases and their causes, to assuring fertility, offspring, and prosperity all the way to assuring timely and adequate rainfall.  Moreover, Mariamma an emanation of the divine mother Arya Tara Lomo Gyonma, the 20th of the 21 Taras.  As such, she embodies mother earth, her limitless generosity and healing power in all her guises. Many volunteers working on the Mariamma project and  visitors alike, have commented on the intensity and tangible nature of her blessings. 

Read the Following Letter of Blessing from Sai Maa to Lama Rangbar and the Bodhivastu Foundation

Mariamma is worshopped as a Goddess in many parts of southern India and in related communities throughout the world.  Over a decade ago, the  Himalayan spiritual Master, Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal, affectionately known as Apaji, had a prescient vision of  Mariamma in which the Goddess declared her wish to serve America with her healing power.  As a result of this vision, Apaji commissioned a most extraordinary image which was carved in South India in Black Granite and gifted to Sri Sai Maa.  Sri Sai Maa in turn brought the statue of the Goddess Mariamma to the USA and had been seeking an appropriate place to install her so that all who wished could see her, experience her divine presence and receive her blessings. 


Current Developments:

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