Nepal Relief Update: Day 2

Day 2 - 9:45am

Dear Friends, community members and supporters,

Today communications have opened slightly and we have just spoken with our main project coordinator who is on the ground in an area called Basantapur and he is currently in an outside make shift shelter with many people.  Another one of our staff, Shyam K.C. is stationed in a place called Maharajgunj and all movement is severely limited.  Food supplies are already very minimal and all stores and petrol pumps remain closed.  There is no electricity and cell phone batteries are running low.

Donations can be made by our main processing called "stripe" secure payment service, or if you prefer to use Pay Pal this option is also available.

Until now, most people are stuck in their places as strong aftershocks up to and above one single strong one that registered 5.5,  still shake the people of Katmandu and surrounding areas prohibiting them from re-entering the buildings that are left standing. Those buildings which can provide shelter are also in varying states of damage and continue to pose the threat of collapse.  Crowds have all been informed by word of mouth that they can and should expect yet another huge tremor at any time.  Confusion runs high but we are preparing pathways to get in relief. 

 We are establishing our first emergency hostel camp in Sankhu area to provide food, fresh water and shelter to the villagers who have lost their homes and family members.  Luckily we have been able to provide some food already.  The roads are still more or less impassable as we attempt to bring resources into Sankhu which is only connected to the main parts of town by motorcycle at this stage but petrol is limited only to what they have in their tank.  Meanwhile, time is of the essence as we must do everything from our side to coordinate our support channels.  

Our reports indicate that in many village areas such as Kabre Palanchowk, that 98% of the village homes (typically made of bricks and mud mortar) are completely leveled to the ground. Many food sources are also buried or in structures that pose the threat of collapse and so the challenge of hunger will be mounting day by day as these and other  realities set in.  

 Our team expects that the situation will clear slightly within two more days but bear in mind that those of us here in the USA must consider them at this time and get our resources ready and mobilized so that when channels clear we can move food, water and shelter into place.  Helicopters are now in full operation but are currently these flights are in operation only for transport of the badly injured into the main overcrowded hospital areas.

We are trying to pre-arrange a helicopter as one of our group members is a helicopter pilot and we will be trying to charter his craft to bring supplies into Sankhu and Kabre areas as our first main camps. 

The airport is only taking in select flights while we hear that most commercial flights are not being allowed in yet at this time.  A few members of our organization in the USA is standing by in such a case as we can move in and be effective.


For those of you who have given, we cannot express in words what this means to the people who are on the ground.  We have raised $25,000 in the past 24 hours and so far $3,000 has made it through our organization's channel into the country.  Tomorrow the rest will be sent to our project coordinator's hands.  We will soon inform you about those wishing to send personal funds to specific individuals as soon as banks open on the ground.  For those of of you who may not be in a position to do much financially, please know that any amount no matter how small is accumulating and can make the difference to serving even one person food.  Most importantly, if you cannot help financially, at least spread the word to all your friends to give them an opportunity to pitch in.  So please continue to spread the word every day once a day while asking your friends to also spread the word.  Donations can be made by our main processing called "stripe" secure payment service, or if you prefer to use Pay Pal this option is also available.




The following is a list of supplies and coordination efforts we will need to raise support for in the first rounds:


1. Tents, mats and camping beds
2. Food kits and cooking ware
3. Blankets
4. First aid kits
5. (20) Water barrels and jugs
6. (4) Satellite Phones


1. Chartering of Helicopter runs to our emergency centers
2. Motor Cyles and petrol to Transport goods on the ground between KTM and outlying reachable areas
3. volunteer and additional staffing
4. Portable Solar electric power system with lights and phone chargers (Lotus Energy and other companies locally)

 Please note that we would prefer to channel as much of the donation through "stripe" secure payment services if possible.