Nepal Relief Update: Day 1

Day 1 - 1:10pm

To all our extended communities and friends,

It deeply saddens me to write this letter.  You have probably heard of the massive 7.9 earthquake that has struck Nepal.  Many thousands of homes made from brick and mud are completely collapsed and even some modern buildings in city centers have fallen.  The death toll has skyrocket by each hour and has passed 1,400.  People are stuck in the rubble everywhere and the town of my center, Sankhu Vajrayogini, has been extremely affected as almost all the homes there are clay and sub-standard.  The Hospitals are overflowing onto the streets and many main roads are completely unpassable due to being widely cracked.  

We have provided our Bodhivastu center building and land with tents and is currently being established as an emergency hostel for as many as we can handle.  Reports are coming to us hourly from several sources.  Please give generously at this time as the suffering is difficult for us even to fathom.  We will soon be posting a list of items we will need to serve the people with emergency food, shelter, medical expenses and later for restoration of some homes as possible.
We are adding to our local team on the ground through our two Not-for-Profit organizations, Bodhivastu Foundation and The Himalayan Light Foundation (HLF) for this critical work.  HLF office and Kathmandu staff are already in place and will commence work in the morning.

If you cannot support with funds, then please take any and all action to help by sharing this page as widely as possible without hesitation asking your contacts to do the same.  The early days are going to be the most critical.  Help us mobilize as many forces at the earliest time while urgent help is most badly needed.
Yours in action,
Lama Rangbar Nyima Özer

The following is a list of supplies and coordination efforts we will need to raise support for in the first rounds:


1. Chartering of helicopter runs to our emergency centers
2. Motor cyles and petrol to transport goods on the ground between   Kathmandu and outlying reachable areas
3. Volunteer and additional staffing
4. Portable Solar electric power system with lights and phone chargers (Lotus Energy and other companies locally)


1. Tents, mats and camping beds
2. Food kits and cooking ware
3. Blankets
4. First aid kits
5. (20) Water barrels and jugs
6. (4) Satellite Phones