Nepal Relief Update: Day 3

Day 3 11:15am

 Reports continue to come in from our ground staff and contacts in several places throughout the region.  

  • Bodhivastu will focus on the two areas, Yolmo and Sankhu. 
  • Arrangements are being made with the local food suppliers to prepare two packages to be sent by motorcycle to Sankhu and Melamchipul Bazar respectively as soon as the food supplier is able to open its doors.
  • Stores and banks are not opened yet but should be by tomorrow.  Some people are going back into buildings here and there but aftershocks continue to arise.  Buildings not destroyed have varying levels of damage making them fragile and susceptible to further or complete collapse in aftershocks.
  • Reports say that water is already becoming a problem in Boudhanath area.
  • Locally in Poughquag, NY, Bodhivastu Foundation has assembled a team of 8 staff manning phones and coordinating with Nepal on-the-ground individuals for mobilization of food, funds, shelter and manpower.
  • We have commenced communications with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in India and Nepal in order to gain their field support for resources

The following is a list of supplies and coordination efforts we will need to raise support for in the first rounds:


1. Chartering of helicopter runs to our emergency centers
2. Motor cycles and petrol to transport goods on the ground between Kathmandu and outlying reachable areas
3. Volunteer and additional staffing
4. Portable solar electric power system with lights and phone chargers (Lotus Energy and other companies locally)


1. Tents, mats and camping beds
2. Food kits and cooking ware
3. Blankets
4. First aid kits
5. (20) Water barrels and jugs
6. (4) Satellite Phones