Nepal Relief Update: Day 4

04/28/15 - 12:30pm EST


Images taken by Dawa Lama, one of our correspondents in the Boudhanath, Kathmandu area (pictured above)

  • Death Toll surpasses 5,000
  • Heavy aftershocks are continual amounting to more than 130 upon last field report, some of which are registering at 5.0 and above
  • Some banks slowly opening
  • Main roads beginning to open where possible allowing for easier transportation of food and other resources
  • Some food suppliers starting to distribute urgent supplies.
Organization Updates
  • We have opened contact with food sources and made arrangements for some initial pickups for distribution to Yolmo and Sankhu.
  • Tents are erected in Sankhu center and water supply is operational
  • Planning is going on to determine means of transport to the sites.
  • Our 4 paramedics on hold until pathway from airport to Sankhu confirmed
  • Support for solar power satellite phones being sought to accompany the team
  • $5,000 wired to our Nepal account as a first wave and test of collection
  • Local Bodhivastu volunteer staffing increases to 8 in-office
  • Some basic requests of water, medicines and tents coming in from Boudhanath area for small groups with children.