Nepal Relief Update: Day 5

8:30 am est - 6:15pm Nepal time

The above pictures were taken upon the first delivery of supplies to our center in Sankhu

There is more connectivity and action as each day develops.

  • Airport and road to Sankhu now open
  • Additional funds transferred to bank to be used by field coordinators for supplies
  • HLF Program Manager Yadav Gurung mobilized to Sankhu with Babita Lama Rajbhandari who is helping to organize our efforts on the ground.
  • One delivery and info gathering trip was made to Sankhu and food was distributed to many families and our relief center.  Images of the site coming soon.
  • Tents set up on site and food being served to as many as we can feed. More tents and food needed badly.

  • Critical field feedback coming in concerning other affected areas near where we cover. We are working to establish a main distribution resource center in Yolmo using Thimpuk as the station 
  • New alliance with Yolmo Youth Group for transport of food and determination of emergency relief site location and establishment of relief camp
  • Planning ongoing to determine means of transport to the sites.
  • Team of 4 paramedics awaiting permission to enter country
  • Seeking Sat phones for paramedic trip in.
  • Death Toll now over 5,000 across Nepal