Nepal Relief Update: Day 6

1:00pm EST - 10:45pm Nepal time

In cooperation with the Himalayan Light Foundation, our efforts are currently focused on the town of Sankhu and the Yolmo area.

Communication has been established consistently with HLF (Himalayan Light Foundation) team on the ground and reports are coming in throughout the day from our HLF Program Manager Yadav Gurung, Babita Lama Rajbhandari, and Samun Lama, who is managing the relief camp in Sankhu.

Nepal Government Imposing Restrictions:

Currently the 
Nepal government has imposed a $500 daily limit to all bank withdrawals. We hope this will change soon as this slightly constricts the amount of resources we can provide on a daily basis. We are augmenting funds through other channels such as Western Union meanwhile.

Nepal police have been imposing some restrictions on distribution, but we are currently trying to ascertain the reason behind this and the extent of these restrictions.

Death and Injury Tolls:

Sankhu: 100+
Yolmo: currently unknown. 
Nepal Total: 
5,500 +
Total Injured: 13,000 +


Pictured above, Babita (far left) and Sophie (far right) coordinating with other relief teams to supply resources to Yolmo

Latest Developments:

  1. Second round of funds transferred successfully via Western Union in KTM. Emergency food to be purchased and packed. Delivered to Yolmo area by tonight.
  2. HLF (Himalayan Light Foundation) is framing out a partnership with JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) a large scale international organization.

  3. Alliance with Yolmo youth group established. Currently determining main distribution resource center in Yolmo. 
    This means a s
    upply line now established with consistent transportation of resources between Yolmo and KTM.
  4. 50 tents + 70 tarps being delivered to Yolmo area by youth group immediately.
  5. Relief camp established at our 3 acre compound in Sankhu Vajrayogini managed by team member Suman Lama.
    Some tents set up. Available but very limited food being cooked and rationed. (NOTE1,000 occupant capacity on Sankhu land) *More resources required to handle that volume of people
  6. Team of 4 paramedics coordinated in the USA awaiting proper ground intel and supplies for deployment. Will be assigned between the Sankhu relief camp and Yolmo

What We Need:

Please take these requests very seriously. With the proper resources and equipment we can begin to mobilize and provide critical resources to the starving, homeless and scared people of Nepal.

Critical Logistics:

1. (4) Satellite Phones

Cell phones have limited range and charges are hard to keep. We must be able to communicate clearly with our team of paramedics awaiting deployment and the HLF team currently on the ground.

2. Portable Solar Power Systems

Electricity is limited. Essential equipment needs to be powered and Solar electricity is one of the only options available. Can be provided by Lotus Energy and other companies locally.


1. Food

2. Tents

3. Medical Supplies

4. Petrol