Body Disciplines and Conduct

Almost all spiritual and religious traditions start with some type of discipline of one’s body which is our own precious and rare vehicle for developing ourselves and our society towards a deeper understanding of our role in the universe.  The Maha Bodhivastu Community learns various types of traditional Asian yogas, Qi Kung, Radiant health movements and, special sitting and breathing postures.

 These movements help us gain control of our most precious vehicle which is designed to do so much more than just get us to work or the shopping mall.  Additionally, without attention to the relative elements of our body’s form, good well-founded progress cannot be made in deeper practices of speech and mind.  Well-rounded physical disciplines assure confidence in our ordinary life and increase grounded qualities and awareness capabilities which are prerequisites for higher attainments.  A body in tune is relaxed, energetically efficient and happy.

In general, our community members try to increase awareness of their bodies and their purpose while using them for benefitting others.


Speech, Mantra and Sound Sciences


Speech in general is the vibratory formational bridge between our mind and our physical body.  We formulate our worlds with ideas “breathed into word”.  Therefore, we strive to discipline our positive meaningful speech and to avoid harsh speech to others, while decreasing meaningless speech.

 To accomplish this we use the sciences of mantra, breathing practices, aspirational prayers,  as well as sacred sound in our practice.  Mantra training forms a foundation for the practice of meditation as it sets the correct energetic base for proper and effective meditation and successful transformation. 

Bodhivastu offers teachings and group practice opportunities throughout the year as well as special retreats and events led by Lama Rangbar Nyima Ozer as well as other masters.


Mind Training


Many people think that the mind cannot be worked with and that whatever we think is pretty much….. “reality”.   Through meditation, we learn to relax our bodies, free our concepts and recognize our own true natures. By doing this under proper guidance, one can arrive at a more accurate view of our reality. This is the path we tread to go beyond confusion and gain the fruit of profound understanding we could call "Primordial Wisdom Presence".

In addition to meditation practices are the most critical practices to engender a compassionate mind on a relative level by recognizing the suffering of others and working for their benefit.  Those who take the various types of mind training to heart, gain the accomplishment of a peaceful demeanor filled with love and possibilities, rather than filled with rigidity and depression or choicelessness.

Teachings, classes and meditation practice opportunities can be found in all our centers at different times of the year.