Buddha Activities for Well Being

Many of our problems in life stem from fixation and stagnation.  Since we spend most of our time trying to get what we want and avoid what we dislike, an imbalance starts to add up and goodness and wisdom are diminished.  Supporting the performance of Buddhist functions and ceremonies with the altruistic motivation to benefit all beings, is a powerful way to release these stagnations and thereby generate the two kinds of merit, ordinary merit and wisdom merit.   These "two accumulations as they are called within the path of the secret Mantrayana, are said to be the sole source of our true and lasting well-being. This page is designed to give our community at large, access to be able to support various functions and ceremonies that can be performed for the benefit of all beings and on behalf of sponsors either at one of our centers or at your place of residence, business, institution, etc.

The Buddhist ceremonies which help us accumulate merit and wisdom help us to pacify unwanted circumstances, such as sicknesses, increase prosperity, magnetize positive circumstances and to remove obstacles, hindrances, etc.  Although we cannot always influence the external outcomes of our phenomenon, the way we experience most of the problems we face can be adjusted by taking responsibility for our own internal landscapes and continuums.  This in turn naturally paves the way for better flow and far better and desirable outcomes.  Ceremonies can be accomplished for the benefit of all beings everywhere and for patrons by Lamas, Monks or Nuns and or well-trained and accomplished Vajrayana practitioners.

Below are some samples of ceremonies that can be performed by several members of our Bodhivastu Lamas.  Ceremonies accomplished for sponsors do have substantial costs involved including transportation, food, offering materials and substances, and the time set aside by people to fulfill these requests.  Although setting fixed fees for ceremonies was not a typical practice in past times, it has become necessary to layout the approximate basic costs required so as to decrease any confusion about the process and to make the practice of hosting ceremonies and functions more meritorious and accessible to our community members.  

Those wishing to engage our team for such ceremonies should read the below examples to become familiar with the process and then contact us at info@bodhivastu.org using the form at the bottom of the page.  We will get back to you to conclude any arrangements needed.


Life Release

One of the most meritorious and effective ceremonies one can perform for the benefit of all beings, to reduce one's own negative karma and increase longevity, is to perform the ceremony of Freeing of Lives.  This ceremony is extremely powerful and should be done by infusing the activity with the appropriate prayers and substances. These events must be arranged in advance in specific locations depending on the season.  The practice is particularly powerful when done by a group led by a capable Lama.  Costs depend on location, transport and amount of beings available for release.


Pacifying & Purifying

Many of the problems we face can be controlled simply by airing them out and diminishing our attention onto them.  Subtle disturbances can also be cleansed within the field of selfless clarification of mind.  Disturbances to our health, well-being and peace of mind can be pacified with practices such as Tara, Vajrasattva, pacifying fire offering ceremonies, Troma offering of one hundred hand prints, and offering to peaceful Deities.



For many of us, our longevity, wealth and incomes streams are directly connected with our confidence to live fully and our ability to properly engage our energies harmoniously with our surroundings.  There are many practices within the Vajrayana that increase our prosperity potentials such as wealth Tara, Dzambala, Urgyen Khandro Norlha etc. which can foster the circumstances and causes that lead to longevity such as hooking of life forces and prosperity (Tse Kuk and Yang Kuk).



There are times when we simply lack the confidence to rise to the level of energy our circumstances require.  We hesitate to claim that which is naturally there for us due to our own uncertainty about our motivations and aims.  Magnetizing practices allow for us to generate a clear sense of center and gravity within ourselves sufficient to command the situations we feel require it.  Practices include powerful fire offerings, red Deities such as red Tara, Kurukule, and various powerful prayers such as Wang du soldeb etc.


Dispelling / Liberating

Often in life, our circumstances do not change because we ourselves are not clear and firm about our choices.  We lack conviction and direction and thereby delay making the necessary deeply rooted decisions required to set the stage for good results.  Moreover, long standing stagnation and engrained habits often need a forceful change to be made and for this we must generate certainty, momentum and true resolve.  Generating such decisive energy within ourselves allows us to rid ourselves of many distracting and unwanted circumstances and directions in life.  Practices to accomplish this might include Lion-Headed Dakini, and Lion-Headed wrathful fire puja, Vajrakilaya, invocation of Dharma protectors, and other wrathful practices.


Typical Costs for Sponsoring Offering Ceremonies at your location:

Naturally, since we live within a material world and we wish for substantial results, the mobilization of resources is necessary in order to fulfill our wishes.  Costs of doing ceremonies at your location must include the cost of all transportation, ingredients and substances (depending on the text guiding the ceremony) and support for those performing the ceremonies.  Typically, ceremonies can be done for an entire day or a half day depending on the ceremony and usually require one Lama and normally at least one assistant.  On some occasions, it is necessary to bring in other skilled Lamas as well.  Some issues require big efforts to cross.  Costs can therefore range from $300 for the simplest function up to $20,000 and beyond depending on what needs to be accomplished. 

If affordability is a major issue, pujas and text readings can also be accomplished by the Lamas at our center thereby decreasing costs substantially.

How to start?

If the ceremony required is not clear to you, one can first request a consultation or divination to start the process.

Divinations or consultations are done on a meeting or question basis for $35 per question by email or chat.  If a direct appointment with the Lama is required, one can make a consultation appointment in person or by phone respecting the Lama's time with a minimal offering of $50 per half hour and by contacting info@bodhivastu.org