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Letters of project endorsement from major Buddhist teachers and figures



     有愿赞助在美国修建佛塔吗?奉献是成就的基础。为众生的利益,世界的和平修建大佛坛城塔,也即菩提瓦市都基金会(Bodhivastu Foundation) 的宗旨。菩提瓦市都(Bodhivastu) 意味实现佛塔的利益。 有关菩提瓦市都基金会(Bodhivastu Foundation),请查看他们的网页。

     佛教在美国是个少数民族的宗教,尽管佛教在全世界是那样的广博和宏名,但要在美国筹款建造佛塔和广弘佛法却面临着一个艰辛的旅程。十年来,菩提瓦市都基金会(Bodhivastu Foundation)虽未能筹到有效的资金,实施大规模的佛塔修建计划,放弃了许多利于建塔的风水宝地,却影响了大量的民众认可佛教和广结了善缘。许多无财力之人,渴望提供人力和技术资源帮助修建佛坛城塔。这就是他们默默耕耘的结果。




1.      无偿随缘随心乐捐,金额不限。

2.      对于大额度善助者,30万美金或以上者,我个人愿意无偿提供以下方面的感恩回报和协助。即帮助捐赠者或亲人调理身心的健康和生命的添辉;或提供个人运程、事业障碍的改善;或给予15天菩提之光康复术教学闭关和能量加持。

     若您或您的朋友有兴趣参与此项大善之举,请与我联系 (贞尼,WeChat ID: Bodhi_Light)。捐款可经由他们的网页 直接捐到菩提瓦市都基金会(他们是非营利组织机构,来自美国的捐款可以获得免税)。我将凭回执,提供服务。



Planned Facilities 计划设施

The Stupa of Great Awakening

The Stupa of Great Awakening has been a major aspiration project of Bodhivastu since its foundation almost ten years ago.  The original proposed scale of the project was quite large, (almost 160 feet tall) and this goal brought with it many challenges.  However, lately a change in scale has caused many doors to open for us including a new suitable land, and the resulting ability for our community to focus on this project and its surrounding support facilities.

The project aims to construct this important Stupa for World Peace and Good Fortune according to a prophecy of an important Nyingma Buddhist protector.   The prophecy states that construciton of a Stupa of Great Awakening at this time will sow the seed causes for peace for decades and future generations to come.

Surrounding Facilities

Meditation Gardens

Contemplative landscaped pathways will provide many opportunities for personal and group meditation practice, sacred art work placements, and natural teaching environments.  Some of these already exist while improvements are currently being designed.  A special lakeside Teahouse gazebo will provide another enclosed place to sit and meditate while providing tea refreshment for pilgrims.

Community Center of Buddhist Meditation and Mind Sciences

In order for individuals to transform themselves adequate circumstances for practice and instruction are essential.  Efforts must also be made to translate Buddhist understanding into modern terminology and to perform activities which illustrate and prove the benefits of meditation in scientific terms.  The university will perform all these functions and more.  This center will also provide Buddhist leadership training in the fields of meditation instruction and peace activism.

Community Cabins

There are currently two meditation retreat cabins and we plan to expand this to fifteen units.  

Wellness Center and Health Clinic

An eastern and alternative practices treatment center will be a facility of the highest quality which enables the project to preserve and make use of valuable ancient methods of treatment.

Exercise Pavilion

An  exercise building will  facilitate movement teachings and practices of various body movement systems including Chi Kung and Yogas.  These are deemed essential for individual and community health.

The Need for Peace

A film by Ashley Young

A Stupa is a stream of divine positive energy Humanity’s highest potential is generated by its building and by relating to it in its environment. It is built with each contribution, each investment of individuals and every ounce of pure intention offered by all who care about this earth and all the beings who live here.
— Lama Rangbar

The Chinese character for blessing and catastrophe is the same letter which essentially means opportunity or blessing.   Certainly, we live in a time of great great opportunity and great challenges. On the one hand we seem to be advancing technologically, etc. and on the other, we are destroying our environment and entering into an era of man-made calamities. Warfare, mental afflictions, poverty, and environmental exploitation affect everyone without regard to nationality, race, gender or any other division.  Collective consequences have become evident to everyone.  Now is the time for for collective cooperation among humans. The time has arrived when we can finally awaken to the full understanding of our interdependence and act on it for the benefit of all.  Please join us.


Current Developments:

We are now entering phase II of the Stupa's development. We are currently raising funds for the construciton of the stupa and the necessary surrounding facilities.  Please support us.