Supporting The Great Accomplishment Ceremony of Vajrakilaya

NOTE: THIS SPECIAL OFFER BELOW IS NOW OVER as there are none left.  The page is left up as a record only.  BUTTONS FOR SIGN-UP HAVE BEEN REMOVED.

There's another great way you can support the Vajrakilaya Drupchen:

One of the Vows or Samayas for Vajrakilaya practitioners is to own or carry a blessed Phurba of excellent substance and proportion. Consecrated properly, such a Phurba is called damtsig dzaypa or samaya substance. Accordingly, within the context of this drupchen, a limited series of special phurbas has been made and will be placed into the mandala for blessing during the drupchen for the benefit of supporters. 

These phurbas have been made based on a terma phurba of Sangye Lingpa desired by many Lamas due to its perfect proportions.  Each blackened iron phurba was handcrafted under Lama Rangbar’s direct guidance and instruction and has a special space for the placement of a relic or substance within the head’s top knot.  Within that space, 5 precious metals will be placed as well as some mendrup from the drupchen.  The phurba will also be consecrated with the substances prescribed in the terma text itself such as gogul resin, yum kar and others.

You can support the drupchen by sponsoring the crafting of one or more phurbas at $850 each.  Both sizes are the same support level and there are only a few left so please confirm soon.  Phurbas will be shipped to your chosen address after the drupchen and consecration has been completed. This cost does not include shipping to your location but does include a basic share of mendrup made at the drupchen.