People have many choices of ways and groups to support Nepal relief activities.
Every little bit counts but we are providing this to help everyone understand some of the factors in our group's approach and strengths:
> Locally, Bodhivastu Foundation has a volunteer team of 9 staff
> Locally we have a strong network of Nepalese and Tibetan contacts for information feedback which adds to our understanding of the field situation.  
> Our local and Nepal staff has decades of experience in remote area mountain logistics in Nepal
> We are far more in touch with problematic social situations that can arise in the field
> HLF Nepal has been operaitng in Nepal since 1997 is the field of vital service provision to remote villages
> HLF is registered with the social welfare council of Nepal which means propoer accounting and reporting 
> Our team reaches into places not at all served by government or the large aid organizations and we are best first wave responders
> After that, Bodhivastu and HLF will be in this to move with the changes and keep on helping for the long run
> Many local groups are ad hoc and may not understand field consequences of various decisions.  
Their learning curve will have to be very steep.  Our teams are trained and experienced over many years of field work
> Low overhead and high leverage
Our offices are small but carry little overhead.  more funds make it into the field.
We leverage our work by our several alliances built up over a period of 25 years.  We have alliances with volunteer youth groups, and orgnizations like JICA, UN, Rotary Clubs and many more. Youth clubs offer great strength in portage during times of roads being impassiable.  
> Our accounting is all above board transparent.  Our yearly reporting is well documented and use of funds clear and strictly allocated to declared purposes.