The German Sangha Community of Bodhivastu ioperates under the direction of Marcus Dannfeld, a practitioner for over 30 years in both Theravada and Vajrayana traditions and a senior student of Lama Rangbar, and his wife Barbara a well-known and successful Jin-Shin-Jyutsu healer since 20 years.

On the return trip from Nepal and Thailand, Lama Rangbar instructed the group to focus on keeping regular Shamatha and Vipassana practices in order to establish proper and meaningful foundations.  Regular meditation sessions have now begun under the supervision of Marcus and the reports coming in are very encouraging.

Lama also performed a Naga Puja in Heidelberg as offered individual instructions as well as life and practice consultations. Lama Rangbar has visited the center 6 times by now transmitting various practices such as Vajrakilaya, Green Tara of Dudjom Lingpa, and Samantabhadra’s aspiration prayer.

In Buddha we Trust,   An Article by Marucs Daniels

After Lama Rangbar’s visit to our romantic town of Heidelberg, well known for it’s castle and river valley, we began our first Shamata and Vipassana sessions which started a year ago this March.

Although we designed the meditation-group to be mainly free of religious doctrine, we decided to use the original words of Buddha himself to come into the mindfullness state.  Even if one recites these key-sentences of the Anapanasati-Sutra (Sutra of mindful breathing) inwardly, you can automatically come into an aware and calm process:

"When i'm breathing in, i know, i'm breathing in. When i'm breathing out, i know, i'm breathing out." That's it. Try it.

At the beginning, we were able to meditate for 10 minute sessions. Then after a week we increased to 20 minutes and now after ten weeks we meditate for 40-45 minutes - just sitting and being aware of the body, the emotions, and the mind itself.

“The Sound of Silence”

Our group consists of ten regular attendees. Here are some comments from our group members:

“For me the group-spirit is very important - i can easily come into meditation and relaxation and i like the inspiration by the exchange with the others.”  -Edith

"I'm just feeling good and happier.” -Gerd

"I can see now, that my thoughts became at first more, because i'm aware of them. - but after some sessions i get past them.”  - Michaela

"I'm just coming more and more into myself and can abide longer not grasping so much and loosing the wish to control everything on the outside.” - 

- Verena

For me, Marcus, the "sound of silence" is every time the great experience when the group spirit awakens. We will never fail to hold our Thursday evening sessions.