The Stupa of The Great Awakening and the Temple Gardens of Sacred Arts is a large-scale, multifaceted humanitarian program in the northeastern region of the United States. This is an international project dedicated to the building of a great stupa for world peace as well as supporting community facilities. 


The Stupa of the Great Awakening Project

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One of the most powerful ways for us to become aware of our interdependence and our highest potential is through the use of powerful living symbols, such as  stupas, mandalas and pagodas. A well constructed stupa based on sacred geometry and consecrated with mandalas and holy relics, not only has the power to completely transform the lives of individuals, but greatly improves circumstances for an entire country and then the world.   By constructing a large stupa monument of Great Awakening in the correct location, people from all over the world can come into contact with and be inspired by the blessing energy, form, intention, and activity stream of the project. 

Planned Facilities

Gardens of Sacred Arts

Contemplative landscaped pathways will lead to representative temples from many countries, cultures, and faiths, showcasing their architectural styles. The gardens will provide many opportunities for personal and group meditation practice, arts, and discussions.

Center for Mind Sciences

In order for individuals to transform themselves adequate circumstances for practice and instruction are essential.  In addition to this, efforts must be made to translate Buddhist understanding into modern terminology and to perform scenarios which illustrate and prove the benefits of meditation in scientific terms.  The university will perform all these functions and more.  This academy will also provide vocational and leadership training in the fields of peace activism, conflict resolution, renewable energy, and land regeneration. 

Regenerative Agriculture

The regenerative agricultural systems at the Stupa for the Great Awakening will provide the surrounding community with nutrient-dense, clean sources of food and medicine, grown using organic farming principals and free from any pesticides and insecticides.

By designing with whole ecological systems in mind, we will use techniques to mitigate ecological issues such as drought, flooding, and erosion.  The agricultural practices will focus on building soil in the process of growing food. 

Wellness Center and Health Clinic

An indigenous and alternative practices treatment spa will be a facility of the highest quality which enables the project to preserve and make use of valuable ancient methods of treatment.

Community Residences

There will be community residences, including townhouses, for resident practitioners and guest housing for the international Sangha.

Center For Youth Leadership

In order to assure adequate direction and instruction to youth groups, a facility geared towards those between 16 and 28 is essential.  Guided activities and instructions along with methods to involve in the various sub-projects of the community will launch from here.  Youth Buddhist Scouting will be promoted as a segway for youth to learn skills and participate in Buddhist community events which then in turn illuminate to the youth the importance of a Buddhist mind set and right livelihood.

Senior Contemplative Living Residences

Many westerners at the later part of life wish to grow old not only graceully but meaningfully integrating their lives with practice and further study.  This is a fast growing segment of the population and will be accomodated in this center. A facility which can accommodate 80-100 senior people. In this context, contemplative assisted living refers to those who wish not only to age with dignity but who wish to use their time to gain insight through continued spiritual practice.

Natural Outdoor Amphitheater

An outdoor amphitheater structure is planned that would accommodate 2,000 people for music, dance, or theater events.

International Teahouse

In almost all seasons the teahouse will provide a major draw, offering refreshment, enjoyment and sustainability of the monument and gardens.

Community Art Studios

This will provide space for several art mediums to be used such as a ceramics and casting.

Exercise Pavilion

An  exercise building will  facilitate movement teachings and practices of various body movement systems.  These are deemed essential for individual and community health.

Children's care and fun facility

Letters from Major Buddhist Teachers
Endorsing the Stupa Project

Since religious differences have been cited by many as a cause of strife in this world, this project also aims to use every opportunity to illuminate the commonalities between belief systems while extolling their individual beauties and contributions to humankind's search for higher spiritual truths. By this, we can finally live in a world founded on principles of wisdom and compassion. Through the activity of constructing the Stupa of Great Awakening, we are generating a critical mass of like-minded awake individuals while establishing well-being, peace and prosperity.  Our projects help us learn to cherish our neighbors, and live an awakened life to its fullest. This project offers a common ground for all, an accomplishment for the benefit of all beings that we can all be a part of. A lasting beacon of interdependence and wisdom for all future generations.

The Need for Peace


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A Stupa is also a stream of divine positive energy, humanity’s highest quantum potential generated by its building and by relating to it in its environment. It is built with each contribution, each investment of individuals and every ounce of purest intention offered by everyone who cares about this earth and all the beings who live on it.
— Lama Rangbar

We live in a time of great challenge and great opportunityWe are rapidly destroying our environment and both natural and man-made calamities are everywhere. Warfare, meantal afflictions, poverty, and environmental exploitation affect everyone without bias.  Collective consequences are now becoming clearly evident to everyone on the planet.  As a result, the time is most ripe for an unprecedented collective shift in awareness on our planet. The time has arrived when we can finally awaken to the full understanding and implications of our interdependence and act on it.


Current Developments:

We are now in phase I of the Stupa's development. We are currently raising funds to acquire a most auspicious land in New York State which will be the permanent home for the Stupa of the Great Awakening.  Please join us.